Brandtech Consulting (formerly known as Blood) is the strategic and creative consultancy that sits at the heart of The Brandtech Group.

We solve business and marketing challenges for our clients with a global team of consultants; tech, marketing, innovation and startup specialists, connected by technology and a unique methodology.
"Brandtech Consulting’s Hacks have created activism for our seven largest brands in just eight months. We couldn't be happier with the team, way of working, or the results."
Valerie Hernando Presse
Global CMO, Danone
"Brandtech Consulting helped us design a whole new marketing model, rethinking Dove Masterbrand's connection with people, that's now used for brand-building right across Unilever."
Sophie van Ettinger
Global Brand VP, Dove Masterbrand
"We have amazing stories of our commitment to our people and the planet. Brandtech Consulting is leading us on a series of pilots, to explore how we tell them to resonate with our customers."
David Prager
EVP, Corporate Affairs, De Beers Group
"Brandtech Consulting is not afraid to challenge the assumptions of a legacy brand - an incredibly useful point of view for a modern CMO to take advantage of."
Shweta Harit
Global VP, Evian
"With zero investment, Brandtech Consulting created an idea, #KnotOnMyPlanet, that galvanised the fashion industry and raised $10m for the Elephant Crisis Fund - amazing!"
David Bonnouvrier
CEO & Co-founder, DNA Models
"Brandtech Consulting were there from the beginning, helping us design and launch our brand. They made sure we built a highly engaged, evangelist community before we went to market."
Benjamin Bernet
Founder & Co-CEO, Bravo Sierra
"Brandtech Consulting’s Hack was a great experience. I feel very confident and inspired with the direction this amazing brand is taking."
Rita Pestano-Beirao
Global VP, Volvic
"Brandtech Consulting’s Accelerator programme opened our eyes to a completely new way of working together, with a transformational approach to strategic development."
Robin Johnson
European Director, Visit Britain

Tomorrow brands

We design and build brands to be successful now, and in a future world shaped by technology and the desire to have a positive impact.

Our consultancy products answer our clients’ most difficult questions:

'Who are we?'

To design a new brand, or redesign an existing one, our process goes deep into founder motivation, the nature of the product, its role in society, and its reason to exist.

'How can we
reconnect with
our audience?'

To help brands that have lost touch with their customers, we offer a series of sprints that involve co-creation of strategy and ideas with real people.

'What are we
post Covid-19?'

Right now, Brandtech Consulting is helping global brands reconsider their strategy in the light of Covid, shifting soft purpose to hard activism, and useful brand action.

'How do we get
cool again?'

We run a process with our clients to identify shared passions, for them to build authentic connection, and affinity, with millennials and Gen Z.

'How do we
grow for the
next 5 years?'

Brandtech Consulting’s Growth Hack is a collaborative workshop that unlocks transformative strategies, products and services to drive growth in the future.

'What’s our
brand purpose?'

Brands must play a positive role in the world but it's a hard thing to get right. Brandtech Consulting’s teams will work with you to unlock an authentic purpose for your brand.

'How can we
get off our
burning platform?'

Often, a client's business is built on a product or method that's no longer sustainable. Brandtech Consulting helps brands plan for a different future, based on today's values.

'What’s our

Increasingly, your brand needs to be out in the world, doing things to help people. Our Activism Hack unlocks brand action at speed.

'We need change.
What can we do?'

We have a series of products designed to drive transformation at speed. Brandtech Consulting’s Hacks and Accelerators work in different ways but have the same end goal: change.

'How can we
create meaningful innovation?'

Our Innovation Hack is designed to connect your products to your role in society, ensuring that your purpose lives in your biggest owned media space.

'How quickly can
we get started?'

Brandtech consultancy always comes with a pilot plan baked in and one of our consultants can join your team, to make sure pilots happen fast.

Handpicked partners

We work with our clients to build meaningful brands that make a tangible, positive difference in society.

Our partners include some of the most significant companies in the world:


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